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Hip Hop and Top 40 Music
Duration: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Location: Mirage Hotel and Casino
Price: $1k-$5k
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1Oak at Mirage – HIP HOP & TOP 40 MUSIC

If you’re interested in hitting a hot Las Vegas nightclub on a Friday or Saturday night, you’ll love what 1Oak Nightclub at Mirage has to offer. This exceptional club is a place where celebs flock – in fact, megastar Kanye West once performed a three-hour DJ set at this venue, under the stage name, Yeezy World Peace.

However, celebs do more than guest as DJs. They also come to 1Oak just to chill out and dance! Other glamorous stars that have graced this beautiful and elegant nightclub include Fergie from the Black Eyes Peas and Hollywood actress and entrepreneur, Jessica Alba.

Find 1Oak at the Mirage Hotel

Located conveniently along the glittering Las Vegas Strip, this nightclub is found inside of the legendary Mirage hotel. When you choose 1Oak, you’ll be able to enjoy sixteen thousand square feet of space, which is separated into a couple of different rooms.

Each room features a full-service bar, as well as a booth for a DJ. The rooms are adorned with premium furnishings, as well as wonderful dance floors and some impressive, avant-garde paintings.

Since the club launched, it’s become very popular with discerning men and women and its popularity continues to grow over time.

If you want top-notch service and a truly chic atmosphere, you’ll love this ultra-modern place, which offers a New York-style experience right in Nevada State. When you visit, you may be lucky enough to enjoy an impromptu performance from an emerging talent or see A-list stars onstage or at a table or booth. Even if no celebrities appear, you’ll feel like a VIP yourself, as staff members will cater to your every need.

Open Yourself Up to Possibility

Since fun surprises are fairly commonplace at 1Oak, there is always the possibility of a truly unforgettable and singular night and this is just one reason why people keep coming back. Spacious, yet equipped with superb acoustics, as well as a luxurious sound system which delivers the ultimate in audio, this club really has it all!

1Oak is the creation of NYC’s esteemed Butter Group, which offers a host of American venues in the lifestyle and hospitality niches. Also, Las Vegas’s Light Group have partnered with The Butter Group in order to ensure that this club is really something special.

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