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Electronic Dance Music
Duration: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Location: MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
Price: $2k-$15k
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Wet Republic Dayclub at MGM

Even though there are a couple of legendary pool venues in Las Vegas, none of them – and we mean NONE of them – can come close to the kind of experience you’ll be able to get when you visit Wet Republic Dayclub at MGM.

Everything about this brand new pool venue is top notch – from the pool itself, to the unique VIP options available for all, and the kind of party experience you’ll find here that you won’t find anywhere else.

Wet Republic Dayclub at MGM is quickly becoming the place to be in Vegas, especially if you’re looking to party while the sun is still high in the Las Vegas sky!

The most amazing pool experience in all of Vegas

Located at the MGM Grand (world famous Vegas destination casino and resort), this new pool has completely changed the landscape of daytime entertainment on the strip.

When you visit this pool, you’re going to be entering the most in demand party spot in all of Vegas. With more than 54,000 square feet of saltwater pools, you’ll feel like you’re right at the beach without ever having to leave the glitz and glam of Vegas.

This is daytime entertainment in Sin City the right way!

VIP options for everyone

Another major difference between Wet Republic Dayclub at MGM is the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy a true to life VIP experience here no matter what your budget may be.

Everyone gets the VIP treatment when they visit the Wet Republic Dayclub at MGM, from custom cabanas to your own batch of day beds, wait staff, and full on bottle service. Your wishes are granted here, that’s for sure!

You will have the chance to speak directly with the concierge team at Stripper King to find out more about your VIP options, and they will walk you (step by step) through the process of giving you the exact experience you’ve been hoping for.

Reserve your spot at the pool today!

All you have to do to enjoy everything that the Wet Republic Dayclub at MGM has to offer is contact Stripper King to set up your reservation. Because this venue is in such demand, and because it’s almost always filled to their VIP capacity, you’re going to need to reserve your spot. When you work Stripper King though you’ll be able to lock in your visit, and from there on out you’re going to be good to go!

The bottom line is this – you’re going to be blown away by the Wet Republic Dayclub at MGM.


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